Don’t Waste Your Time – Apps to AVOID

Don’t Waste Your Time

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Here at Quarantine Crypto, we’ve been focusing on reviewing apps and platforms that we think are valuable and worth your time. Our primary goal with this website is to make sure that you’re don’t waste your time while trying to build up your Crypto portfolio. While there are thousands of different ways to make crypto and money at home, we think it’s important to use your most important resource – Time – as effectively as possible.

So today, we’re going to change it up a bit – We will show you some common Crypto applications that we think are a waste of your time.

Games to Avoid

1.    Bling Financial Games

Bling has 3 games out on the app store all promise to pay you in REAL Bitcoins for playing, and they will indeed payout. However, the payout is quite low, and the number of ads that you are served makes these apps a waste of time.

We tried out the Bling apps, and the payout comes roughly to 10 games = $.01 (around 100 Satoshis). While this itself isn’t awful, the main issue we have is that you are shown an ad after EVERY single game. Couple this with a limit on how many games you can play, and it adds up to a game that ends up using far more time than it is worth.

2.    Bitcoin Aliens Games

Similar to the Bling apps, these games all rely on very heavy ad placement to be able to pay out to you in small amounts. Some of the apps also include offer walls that let you take surveys or complete tasks for a reward, but these payments aren’t as high as other comparable websites (, for example).

What to Play Instead?

1.    Merge Cats

Check our review for Merge Cats HERE – we think it is the #1 game for earning free Crypto. Ad-free, simple gameplay, and a few minutes a day will have you piling up SOUL tokens in no time.

2.    Crypto Treasures

While Crypto Treasures does show you advertisements, they are not as frequent as the apps above, and you can complete all of your “tasks” with about 10 minutes every day. Coupled with the “Cloud Earning” app, we think that Crypto Treasures is an easy addition to your app rotation.

3.    RollerCoin

RollerCoin (full review is HERE) is a mining simulator where you can earn Bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum for playing games. You can use the Crypto you earn to purchase in-game mining rigs so that you have permanent mining power, and you can also add power for playing and winning games. A few minutes a day and you’ll be raking in Bitcoin in no time, and much more efficiently than most faucets or other games.

4.    Crypto Idle Miner

Full review coming soon here – Crypto Idle Miner is an addictive mining game that lets you earn HORA tokens, which can be exchanged easily for the Tron token (currently the 16th largest Cryptocurrency). The gameplay is repetitive but simple, and for a few minutes of play a day, you can easily start earning HORA tokens every week.

Apps To Avoid

1.    CryptoTab

Check out our review of Crypto Tab over HERE. CryptoTab makes huge promises, but a quick look makes it obvious that the whole program is structured like a pyramid scheme.

Instead, Use

Brave Browser – Brave has incredible ad-blocking and privacy features built right in, and couple that with earning BAT tokens for viewing targetted ads? Using Brave is a no-brainer. If you want to do some mining in the background as well, Honeyminer is a far better choice.

2.    CoinPot Faucets

Although they are possibly the most popular faucets on the internet, we don’t think that CoinPot is worth your time. Around 1 month of claiming got us roughly $0.30 – and this included some very high bonus settings. The time and effort needed to get any sort of significant payment from the CoinPot faucets would be much better used elsewhere.

Instead, Use

The top-paying faucet around is hands-down the HoriZEN faucet. Check out our post HERE for the best Crypto faucets so you don’t waste your time scrounging for fractions of pennies.

3.    Coin App

This app is popping up all over Facebook and Instagram. They claim you can easily earn Crypto through “geomining” – basically, you get paid in their Crypto coin for sharing your location data. While this sounds promising, their native coin is almost worthless, and the threshold for payout is nearly impossible to achieve.

Instead, Use

Aircoins – This app lets you collect a wide variety of Crypto coins, and it works similarly to Pokemon Go. You have to be physically close to the coin, and then you can turn on your camera and tap on the floating coin to collect it. While you may not able to withdrawal your rewards yet, the feature will be coming soon. Although many of the rewards are lesser-known coins, sometimes you can receive very valuable coins like Bitcoin, Dash, or BAT.

4.    Quicrypto

Full review coming soon – Quicrypto is a mobile app that pays out in either Bitcoin or Nano. You complete tasks like surveys or watching videos and are paid directly in the Crypto of your choice. While the app itself works well, we have found that it has significantly lower payout than other survey sites – often by a huge margin and for the exact same surveys! The only real benefit is you can be paid directly in Nano or BTC so you stay “off the grid” – with the amount that you can earn, this will almost definitely not be an issue though.

Instead, Use

TipNano – this application (only available on Android) allows you to make claims every hour for a small amount of the NANO Cryptocurrency. Occasionally you need to complete a Captcha to prove you are human, and ads are shown every 5th or 6th claim. While TipNano also has an Offers/Survey area, I still prefer to use GG2U, as the payouts are much higher. Compared with Quicrypto, TipNano requires FAR less engagement and attention, which we much prefer.

GG2U – While this website has a deceivingly simple layout, the payouts for surveys are among the best. You can choose to be paid out in US Dollars to your Paypal account, or you can be paid in Bitcoin to your Coinbase account for a tiny fee.


While none of the apps we have pointed out here are outright scams, we do think that they don’t provide a strong return for the time you need to invest in them.

Always remember – your time is the most valuable resource you have, so use it wisely!

What do you think – did we get it right? Post any questions or comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. As always – Happy Cryptoing!

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