RollerCoin – Mining Crypto By Gaming


RollerCoin – Mine REAL Crypto By Gaming

We’re always on the hunt to find new and better ways to earn Crypto from home, whether through one-time offers or games. After playing on RollerCoin for a few weeks, we can definitively say that RollerCoin is a great app to add to your daily rotation. Check out our overview below to learn how to get set up and start earning today!


RollerCoin is essentially a minigames platform that rewards you with real Crypto for playing. The program works like this:

  • You play games to earn “mining power” – The more mining power you have, the more Crypto you are rewarded with. The power from games is not permanent, though (it will last for up to 7 days depending on how many games you have won)
  • Crypto is distributed roughly every 5 minutes – when a “block” is mined. You are given a percentage of that “block” based on how much power you currently have.
  • The Crypto you earn can be withdrawn or used to purchase “mining rigs”. These provide permanent mining power.

So in essence, you Play Games to then Earn Crypto. Let’s look a bit deeper into how to navigate the website first, and then we’ll tell you the best strategy for earning through games.

Overview – RollerCoin Platform

The platform itself is a bit confusing at first – it took us a few minutes to figure it out!

If you haven’t made your account, click HERE to register your account. By using this link, you will automatically get a 200 Satoshi (Bitcoin) bonus – You can either wait to withdraw this later, or use it to purchase a rack for your first miners!

After signing in, you will come to a screen like this:

RollerCoin Home

This is your “room” – you can’t do much from this screen, but it mainly is there to show you your mining power, your expected reward for the next block, and how many miners you currently own. You can also set what percentage of your mining power will go to the three available Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Doge, and Ethereum (ETH). You can split power by clicking on My Power and then Split Power.

Along the top of the screen you will see this navigation bar:

RollerCoin Navigation

From left to right, the buttons link to – Crypto Wallet, Room, Miner Shop, Games, RollerToken Sale, Toggle Sound, and Menu. You will mainly use the Games button, and occasionally the Shop, Wallet, and Home.

Let’s check out the Games tab and look into how to use your time most efficiently.

RollerCoin Games

RollerCoin Games

Here you will find the different games you can play to earn power. Each game will get harder as you win more rounds (and also give a higher reward); the difficulty will reset every 24 hours.

Each game has a different base reward – the three games with the highest rewards are in boxes above:

  • Cryptonoid (Brick Breaker)
  • Coin-Flip (Card Matching)
  • Crypto Hamster (Jumping Platformer)

After you play a game, you have to wait for a short timer to expire until you are allowed to play again. We like alternating between two games (normally Coin-Flip and Crypto Hamster).


To “verify” you power, you must remain in the browser tab – if you switch to another tab after playing, your power will not complete!

However – You can switch to a different browser window while the power is verifying. This can be a great way to play games while working on something else.

A Note On Power

Your power will by default last for 24 hours. BUT – it can last for up to a week if you win enough games! By winning more games, you can upgrade the “computer” in your room. You need to play a game every 24 hours to keep your upgraded computer – we like playing a bit in the morning and at night to make sure the computer stays around.

Miners – Power That Lasts

Just playing games is a great way to earn Crypto on RollerCoin. In our experience, you can earn around $.02 per day pretty easily – way better than most faucets!

However, if you want to kick up your earnings, the best way to do this is by purchasing miners.

RollerCoin Miner Store

You can purchase miners directly with Satoshi, but the best bang-for-your-buck is to convert your earned Crypto into the RollerToken and then buy one of the “Gold” miners.

While your investment won’t come back immediately, it will pay off if RollerCoin is around long-term. Just remember – you need a rack to put your miners on!


Just like almost everything else we post on Quarantine Crypto, RollerCoin is not going to get your rich quickly. However, it is one of the best ways to use your “gaming time”, and it has a much better payout than the majority of “free” Crypto websites.

One other thing to note – the competition on RollerCoin has gotten quite intense. Just check out the room of the player with the highest mining power:

RollerCoin Top Miner

They also have 3 more rooms full of those miners – by our calculations, they have spent over $1300 on miners alone!

While you will almost definitely not reach that level, at the very least you can earn Crypto for playing games that you would have played somewhere else. So if you’re ready to get earning, follow the link HERE and start building your mining power today!

As always, we’re here to help. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Crypto-ing!

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