CryptoTab Browser – Free BTC or Pyramid Scheme?

Just like Honeyminer is a program that runs in the background of your computer to earn you Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in this case), CryptoTab is a web browser that does the same thing – think Google Chrome with a Honeyminer built into it. They claim that you can make thousands of dollars by using their program and referring friends, but is there any truth to this? Let’s dive in and find out.


CryptoTab is a custom build of Google’s Chrome browser, and the only really different function that they have added is the “miner” – an extension which will use a set percentage of your computer’s processing power to mine Bitcoin.

Their website is scant on any details about the earnings you can make from the miner alone – rather, it is entirely focused on their referral program. The fancy calculator embedded on the site shows you that if you refer 5 friends, and the they refer 5 friends, and on and on, that your potential earnings are a whopping $40,636.

Over 40 Grand from mining in your browser?
New discovery throws light on mystery of pyramids' construction ...

But hold on now – this looks oddly familiar. Maybe a little bit like…

A Pyramid Scheme

Just look at the numbers on their calculator. This cascading of everybody referring 5 people needs to eventually reach over 10 MILLION people for the numbers to be true. And to realize any substantial profit? Over 750 people.

We all know examples of pyramid schemes and how they actually make people LOSE money – check out John Oliver’s segment on them if you haven’t seen it yet.

Conclusion – AVOID

I could spend more time writing about the browser itself or why pyramid schemes don’t work, but I’ll just cut to the point:

This browser is NOT worth your time.

Mining crypto is almost universally UNprofitable these days – to have any chance of making money, you need to spend thousands of dollars on specific mining equipment AND have access to EXTREMELY cheap electricity. To think that you could make any decent profit from a browser running the background is almost laughable.

Instead, it’s much better to take advantage of the great privacy features and BAT payments in Brave Browser and then use Honeyminer in the background if you’re interested in getting into “mining”.

Post any questions below and we’ll do our best to help you out. As always – Happy Crypto-ing!

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