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Crypto “Faucets” are websites that distribute coins in very small amounts, normally at set intervals. They require you to visit the website to claim your reward, which will then be sent to a wallet somewhere. The original Faucet was set up in 2010 to help raise awareness about Bitcoins. Each user was rewarded with 5 BTC at a time – while this was worth pennies in 2010, it is now worth over $47,000!

Faucets today tend to award much (MUCH) smaller amounts – normally 2-5 Satoshis at a time. In general, 100 satoshis is worth roughly 1 cent ($.01), so 1 USD is around 10,000 Satoshis. Let’s do some simple math to see if most faucets are worth your time.

Say a faucet dispenses 2 Satoshis every 15 minutes. Assuming you can claim every 15 minutes during your 16 hour day (which is highly unlikely), you would have made 128 Satoshis by the end of the day (roughly $.01). Do that every day for a year, and you have a whopping $3.65 worth of BTC.

From my perspective, the amount of time needed and the reward is NOT worth your time!

Remember that faucets can pay you small amounts because they make money from advertising – this means that they make money off your attention, and you get fractions of a penny in return (see our post about Brave Browser).

HOWEVER – there are some faucets out there that are worth your time. Keep reading below to find out where and how to use these!

Top Crypto Faucets

1. HoriZEN Faucet

From all of my experimenting so far, this is THE #1 FAUCET in terms of the potential payout. The base payout is tiny, but when you take advantage of all of the other multipliers, this faucet can payout up to 100x what typical faucets do! Follow the steps below to get set up and start earning!

Earn More ZEN with Higher Bonus Multipliers
  • After clicking on the link HERE, click on “Register” in the top right corner (NOTE: you will need a Gmail account – you can create an account HERE if you don’t have one.
  • You will need to create a Wallet to store your ZEN coins – make sure that you use a verified ZEN wallet: Sphero on desktop, ZEN Wallet on Android, or MyZenWallet. Once you have your official wallet set up and verified, you immediately receive a 1.5x bonus on your faucet claims – awesome!
  • Now here’s where things ramp up – by linking various social media accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), you can get up to another 1.9x bonus; Use Brave Browser, and you get another 20% bonus; Keep specific amounts of ZEN in your wallet for up at a 3x bonus!
  • The last layer of bonuses comes when you claim from the faucet every day. Day 1 is normal, day 2 is 1.2x bonus, day 3 is 1.4x bonus, up to 2x bonus on day 6. Add on top of that – after every 5 consecutive claims, you get a Bonus Round spin where you can win either 0.002565, 0.1, or 1 ZEN!

Now, considering that the price of ZEN is normally around $6.5 – after all of the math, your potential earnings per year are roughly 20 USD – 5 and half times other faucets for a tiny fraction of the effort!

2. Tezos Faucet

This faucet gives 0.01 XTZ once a week. The only catch is that you need to verify with a phone number. Make sure to put your XTZ address from your Atomic Wallet, verify the code that they text you, and wah-lah – free Tezos in your account! While this is not a huge amount, remember that you can “bake” XTZ for around 7% interest a year, so everything adds up!

3. Publish0x

While not a “faucet” per se, this website gives you free Crypto for “tipping” authors on the platform – whenever you give a tip, the amount is split between you and the author. Most of the articles on Publish0x are focused on Cryptocurrency, but there are also sections on Art, Music, Cooking, and much more.

Tipping on Publish0x
Tipping in Publish0x

At the end of the article, you will find this box – decide the ratio you want to give, click Tip, and whoosh – Crypto is instantly added to your account! Publish0x currently pays out 3 different Cryptos – DAI, BAT (used in Brave Browser), and LRC. Each day you can give 7 tips, and the total tip amount (between you and the author) normally adds up to around 1 to 1.5 cents ($.01 – $.015). You need around 50 cents for a payout of any Crypto, and payments are sent on Mondays.

While you won’t get rich doing this, it is certainly easy and free, and you can find some great articles along the way. If you want to make even more, you could start writing articles and then receive tips!

4. theCryptoFaucet.com

theCryptoFaucet.com Claiming Page

This faucet allows you to claim once per day. You can choose to claim a wide variety of Cryptos, but I would recommend either Doge (DOGE), Tron (TRX), or Litecoin (LTC) – after you have made your choice, stick with it so you can withdraw faster.

After you choose which Crypto you want to claim, you first view an ad, and then you are allowed to “roll” to see how much of that coin you will get.

While the site doesn’t pay as much as some, it is relatively ad-free and much simpler to use. For a few minutes a day, it can be worth adding to your rotation.

REMEMBER – You will not make a huge amount of money from faucets! But with a smart plan, you can invest your time wisely and get decent payouts for very minimal effort.

Happy Crypto-ing!

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