Phoneum – Free Crypto or Waste of Time?

This article was updated on July 27th, 2020 to reflect the PHT Platform move to the Tron Network

While casually browsing the Play Store one day, I came upon the Cloud Earning PHT app. The creators claim that you can “mine” really Cryptocurrency, Phoneum, from your phone, so with my curiosity piqued, I downloaded the app and started playing around.

PHT Cloud Mining

Follow the links below to the App store you need to download the PHT Cloud Mining App:

            Google Play Store

            Apple App Store

While registering your account, you can enter the code pft3q7rx for an immediate 200 PHT bonus – cool!

After registration, you’ll find a front-page like this:

Phoneum Cloud Earning Home Screen
Cloud Earning Home Page

You can then activate “Cloud Earning” – and you will be prompted to purchase a VIP package with 2x Earning. Some quick math will tell you that this package is absolutely NOT worth the money – so stay away!

Once activated, the “Cloud Mining” will be active for one week, and then you will need to reactive it in the app.

CryptoTreasures Home Screen
Crypto Treasures Home

One quick note – this app is not doing actual “mining” on your phone. Real mining computers are very specialized, very expensive, and use insane amounts of electricity, so there is no way that your phone would ever be able to compete with them; what this app is doing is just rewarding you for your sustained attention. The minimal withdrawal is 20,000 PHT – using just the Cloud Earning app alone, it would take over 6 months to accumulate this much PHT. And the 20,000 PHT when converted to USD? Roughly $2.50.

Now, this may seem like a waste of your time, but remember – it’s free! You only need to check in once a week to reactivate the earning.

However, there is a way to make your earnings go even faster – Crypto Treasures.

The team behind PHT has made several mobile games, and they all seem to follow the same basic formula. Crypto Treasures and the Cloud Earning app both connect to the same PHT account, and the other two (Crypto Planet and Crypto Connect 3) connect to a separate account. From our perspective, sticking to Cloud Earning and Crypto Treasures is the best way to go.

Crypto Treasures

Crypto Treasures is a mobile app that rewards you with both PHT along with several other Cryptocurrencies. You first earn gold for completing quests and playing mini-games, and this gold can be used to buy or dig for treasure chests, which will reward you with Crypto and other in-game prizes. Be warned – this app shows quite a few ads – I always ignore them and work on something else. Many of the ads allow you to fast forward through them, though.

Now, let’s go through what I think is the best strategy to earn the maximum amount of PHT and Crypto!

CryptoTreasures - Use the Double Wheel Feature
Set the “Double Wheel” to 40, pay 400 gold, and off you go!

1. Always start the Quests before playing Mini-games

These Quests are for the things you will do in the game already (e.g. “Spin the wheel 20 times”), so make sure to take advantage of these. Avoid the “Flip a Coin” quest – it’s a huge waste of time.

2. Use the Double Spin

Yes, it costs 10 gold per spin to use the Double Wheel feature, but even then, you’re actually making more gold on average AND double the PHT!

3. Dig for the 24 Hour Chest

Don’t waste your time on the shorter time-period chests – the 24-hour chest will always give ~1000 gold and several different Cryptos.

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Yes, it’s silly – but you get gold for playing (plus gold from the Quest).

CryptoTreasures - Buy Special Chests

And Last but Not Least:

5. Spend all of your gold on “Special” chests in the store

These will give you PHT as well as another random Crypto. They will also give you “badges” that can be used for the “Patch Badge Treasures” game – in general, it’s almost impossible to win this. I sell any duplicate badges that I have and keep 1 of each just in case.

This strategy should take you no more than 10 minutes a day, and it will significantly increase your PHT earnings. So far, I have made roughly 2150 PHT from Cloud Earning, compared with 4850 PHT from the Treasures App. Instead of 7 months, you’re looking at around 2 months until you can withdrawal – much more appealing if you ask me!


While the Phoneum apps certainly have plenty of issues (too many adds, high withdrawal limit, pushing you to make in-app purchases), they can make an easy addition to your daily app rotation and net you some easy cash down the line.

Once you’ve accumulated enough PHT and other coins, you’ll need a wallet to withdraw your earnings to – check out our guide HERE if you don’t have one set up yet. Now that PHT has moved to the Tron Network, you will need a Tron-compatible wallet. The app recommends TronLink Pro, but we also like TronWallet.

Comment below with any questions or problems and we’ll do our best to help you. As always – Happy Crypto-ing!

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