Blox Jump – Easily Earn ZEN

Earn ZEN For Gaming

As we have covered before in our article on Faucets, one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn Crypto is with the ZEN Faucet. Now, there’s another way to earn ZEN while gaming – Blox Jump!

Blox Jump Gameplay

This game checks all of the boxes for being an easy add to your rotation:

  • No Ads – Zero!
  • Able to cash out quickly and easily
  • Easy to learn and Fun to play

The concept of the game is very simple – get your character to the end by jumping across the blocks. As you go along, you will also collect coins (see the clip above). These coins are what you can cash out for ZEN.

The current amount of coins needed to cash out is 250 – I have been able to get to 250 coins easily in under 20 minutes of playing. While the amount of ZEN you will get is not always the same, it seems to be about the same as a faucet claim with all of the multipliers. Check out our payments below – 329,406 is the same as “Zennies” given on the faucet (0.00329406 ZEN, or about $0.02).

Blox Jump Rewards

Just like we have said on other pages – you will clearly not get rich playing Blox Jump. However, if you’re going to play games, you might as well get paid to do it!

Gaming Tips

A few tips from us that would have made life easier when we started playing:

  1. Your character is able to double-jump – Sometimes you absolutely need to do this to pass a level
  2. You can jump off of a vertical wall – This can be used to pass the “double-wall” section, but can also save you if you are a little bit short of a block
  3. The game repeats similar “traps” – As you get used to the different “pieces” that will come your way, it becomes much easier to keep playing to gather coins

And that’s it! The game is quite simple, and once you have the hang of it, it’s really fun to play, too.

As always, leave comments below if you run into any trouble and we’ll do our best to help. Happy Crypto-ing!

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