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One of the things I have always disliked about mobile games is how obviously one-sided all of the transactions are. The games are filled with ads, which generates revenue for the creator, and anything I earn in the game doesn’t have value anywhere else.

Obviously there are exceptions to this (mostly in PC Gaming – like CS:GO skins), but in general, the only thing you gain from playing the game is the experience.

Luckily, some developers are starting to turn that idea on its head, and for my money, the game doing it best right now is Merge Cats. The currency that you earn in the game (SOUL) is an actual Cryptocurrency that can be traded – e.g. it has actual, real-world value! On top of that, Merge Cats is:

  • Free to play
  • Ad free (!!)
  • Simple to understand
  • Pretty darn fun

As always, a word of warning – you will not get rich playing Merge Cats. The in-game currency SOUL is currently worth around $0.00031, or to say it another way, 1000 SOUL is around $0.31 (31 cents).

First, let’s talk about the game quickly and see an overview of what it is, and then I’ll tell you more about why this game is worth your time.


Merge Cats Gameplay

The game is a member of the “Idle” genre, meaning that it will keep going on its own without your constant interaction. However, in order to level up and earn SOUL, you do need to actually play the game once or twice a day.

The game is based around your “cats” who will fly around the track and earn gold for every lap they complete – this gold can be used to buy more cats in the game. You can also combine two cats of the same level to create one cat of a higher level – e.g. Merge two Level 1 cats and you get on Level 2 cat.

Along with the basic mechanism of merging cats, there are also power-ups to help you earn gold faster. The best use of these is to use the 2x Speed Power Up (bottom left) along with the Income Bonus power up (bottom right).

As far as actual gameplay goes – that pretty much covers it! The game is not complex, and 5 minutes a day is more than enough time to earn your SOUL tokens for the day.

Daily Tasks

Your Daily Tasks will show up in the bottom left of the screen. There are two tasks that will reward you with 25 SOUL each and one task that will reward you with gold. These tasks are normally something like “Merge 10 Cats” or “Purchase 10 Cats in the Store”.

Lucky Spin – Maybe you’ll get 15,000 SOUL!

Aside from the Daily Tasks, there are also permanent tasks. These are all basically the same two tasks – “Get X number of Level Y cats on the platforms” or “Launch X Level Y cats into the air”. For the first, you just need to merge or purchase that many cats; for the second, you can use one cat and launch it multiple times (put it on the track, take it off, and repeat) – f!

Along with the basic gameplay, you are allowed to open a “chest” every 4 hours. This chest will contain anything from power-up cards to SOUL tokens. You are also able to spin the wheel once a day, with the possible prizes ranging from 15,000 SOUL to free cats or earning power-ups.

Withdrawing / Using SOUL

If you want to withdrawal your SOUL, you will first need to send it to the CryptoSoul website.

After you login and connect your accounts, you can then withdrawal your SOUL from the game to the website, and then you can finally withdrawal to the wallet of your choice.

You will first need to do a KYC verification – this stands for “Know Your Customer”. Because Crypto has the potential to be used for illegal activity, a lot of governments now require websites to collect ID information for clients (this was the case for Coinbase as well). After you have complete KYC (mine took about 1 day to process), you can then do a “test” withdrawal of 50 SOUL to your wallet (I use Atomic Wallet and have had no problems with withdrawals). After the first one goes through, you can then withdrawal as much as you like!

But How Do I Spend It?

Here’s the tricky part – if you want to get “actual” money for your SOUL tokens, you will have to go to a Crypto Exchange where you can swap your SOUL tokens for another Crypto. Currently, the only two options are to swap for either Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). If you want to then get cash, you would need to take the ETH or BTC that you have swapped for and sell this for Fiat currency (or for a coin like DAI or USD Tether).

While the end process to cash out is a bit difficult at the moment, I think it is worth it to continue to play and save up your SOUL.


The biggest reason is that SOUL has actual value within the game, so there will always be people who are interested in buying it.

The second reason is that the game developers are working on new games that will also use SOUL – meaning that it will have even higher demand as time goes on.

Ready to get started? Head over HERE to get registered and download the app. Post any questions below and we’ll do our best to help you with any challenges.

Happy Crypto-ing!


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  1. What happens when you reach the final level in the game? Do you merge the last cats and that is it or does another level appear or what?

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