Voyager – $25 in FREE BTC

One of the easiest ways to get free Crypto is through one-off offers – that’s how I got my $5 of BTC that turned into $220!

If you have a spare $100 sitting around, you can make another $25 almost instantly by signing up for Voyager- where else can you get an instant 25% return on your cash? The only caveat is that this offer is only open to US residents.

If you’re interested (which you should be – this is literally free money!) – follow the instructions below to claim your $25 in Bitcoin!

Setting Up the Voyager App

1. Follow the link HERE to download the Voyager application

Alternatively, you could download the app from your store of choice. While making your account, you MUST input the code DAVXM3 into the “Reward Code” field

2. After creating your account, link a bank account to fund your Voyager account

This is a simple and streamlined procedure – just log in to your online bank account inside of the app! Your bank will instantly link to Voyager.

3. Deposit $100 to Voyager

Click on the user icon on the top right of the main screen, then go to Transfer Cash or Crypto -> Deposit to Voyager Account -> USD U.S. Dollar. Choose your account you’ve linked and deposit $100. My deposit cleared in under 5 minutes – so you won’t have to sit around for very long!

4. Buy anything!

You can now buy any Crypto you wanted for $100, and you will then receive $25 worth of Bitcoin within a day or two. Because Cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, you may consider buying $100 of USDT – the US Dollar Tether coin. Each coin here will ALWAYS be worth 1 USD – no matter what!

To buy to coin you want – select it from the main screen, input how much you want to buy (probably $100 in this case), and swipe to buy.

5. Receive you free BTC

Now that you have your free BTC (Bitcoin), you can either 1. Hold it in Voyager 2. Sell it in Voyager 3. Transfer it to an external wallet.

Like I said before – this is free money! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or problems with the instructions above.

Happy Crypto-ing!

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